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Free posters

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As well as being suitable for classroom display, each poster provides information on how to use each unit of work

Middle Year Posters:

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  • Marine Pests and Threats
  • Stormwater Pollution
  • The Effects of Climate Change on Coral Bleaching
  • Ships and Ports, Transportation of Goods
  • Student Leadership for Coastal Conservation Project
  • Exploring and Protecting Rockpools

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Primary Posters:

  • Anemonefish
  • Cuttlefish
  • Dangers
  • Hermit crab
  • Fairy penguin
  • Seahorses and seadragons
  • Sharks and Rays
  • Turtle

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Primary Poster Australian Curriculum Materials - Teachers will be amazed

Link to Australian Curriculum marine lessons, activity sheets and powerpoints for the marine posters.

Click to download poster fact sheets

Anemonefish fact sheet
Cuttlefish fact sheet
Dangers fact sheet
Fairy penguins fact sheet
Hermit crab fact sheet
Sea habitat fact sheet
Seahorses and seadragons fact sheet
Sharks and Rays fact sheet
Turtle fact sheet

Australian Association of Maritime Affairs

  • Poster detailing Australia's Maritime Interest

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To see a larger copy of this poster detailing Australia's maritime interests click here