Introducation to starting a photo survey project

Please note:
This section of the website is provided in conjunction with the student leadership material. The student leadership material has advice on planning a coastal project and includes how to make sure it is safe for students. You should only do this photo survey project in conjunction with the other materials.

Photo survey leadership project
In this project, students can develop a library of photo images that can be used in the future to identify coastal change.

How has your coastal environment changed in the past 50 years? How will your coastal environment change in the next 50 years?
How can we find out how our coastal environment is changing?

Scientists expect climate change to have a big impact on coastal environments. How might this impact on your area? When might it happen? What can we expect to see?  

There are impacts on our coastal environment all the time. Some, like storms, are natural. However, our weather patterns are now being affected by climate change resulting from greenhouse gases. Many other impacts are caused by the activity of people.